Doje Care


Seniors Care

Our seniors Care service is one of the best in Canada

This service is specially designed for our elderly loved ones.  Doje Care Services understands how difficult it is for families to fulfil the needs of their parents when they reach certain stages in life. Choosing the right team of caregivers to support our loved elders is essential in ensuring they remain independent, excited, and eventful. Doje Care Services has good experience supporting the elderly through its consortium of experts and can always provide the reliability, assurance, and efficiency you deserve as a client.

Recovering from an ailment or surgery care: We ensure an easy recovery using tools such as a slow transition into recovery and mobility through exercise. We reduce pain and ensure that daily needs are met.

Parkinson’s Disease Care: Our staff are dedicated to making clients with this disease comfortable through nutritional, social and lifestyle choices. Personal care, housekeeping and regular meal service are just a few of the services we offer.

Palliative care: Reducing the severity of symptoms is the primary goal of the Palliative care team through a multi-team approach.

Alzheimer Care: We ensure that the family and friends surrounding Alzheimer’s patients are supported and cared for. We offer clear communication and a daily routine to make life as smooth as possible for our clients and their loved ones.

Dementia Care: Providing care that ensures personal preferences and needs are met is our primary goal for our clients suffering from Dementia. Along with providing security for caregivers, our staff makes sure the patient feels comfortable and safe.

Stroke Recovery Care: Our staff is highly trained in watching for signs of a second stroke, helping with personal care such as bathing and helping clients through the arduous rehabilitation process.